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icon_league's Journal

Icon League : Where are you?
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This icon challenge is based upon a league basis. The participants have a week in which to enter an icon using the picture provided. They will then play one other person and points will be given for a win and a draw (more on points below). Each round will run for 10 weeks.

- You must be a member to participate and once a round starts you may not join, you must join a round from the beginning.
- Sign up in this Post. You must have signed up by 19th April to participate in Round 1, but you must also have entered an icon by that date.
- You must make a new icon for each challenge.
- A picture will be provided each week. This is the only picture you can use.
- Icons must follow lj standards, 100x100 & 40 kb.
- You may enter only one icon per challenge.
- Do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over.
- You must post your icon and it's url as a comment in the challenge post only. If you post it anywhere else I will delete it and it will not count.

- There will be a number of categories, and you will have to vote for one from each.
- Vote for your favourite icon.
- Don't vote anomalously.
- In the category which your icon is in, you dont need to vote. However you do need to vote in other categories.
- Don't vote more than once, this includes multiple accounts.

Everyone will play one other person/icon each week, and this will chosen at random when voting comes along. You will not know who you are being paired against until after the voting.

Depending on how many votes your icon gets, will depend on the number of points.
Most Votes out of two - 3 Points
A draw - 1 Points
Least Votes - 0 Points

Any more questions on the voting, comment in a mods post.

Challenge: Saturday - Wednesday (a week and a half)
Voting: Thursday - Saturday
Results: Saturday

limscaptivatiionsjsimpson_limscoffee_limsrouge_icontesticons_in_flightaddme_graphicsbw_stillnesscoloured_stillshouse__elitehp_limstyra_challenge purelyiconic gryffindork_i iconinspiration
If you would like to affilate with this community, please comment at this post


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Contact either if there is a problem.
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